Big K.R.I.T.

Man..I’m Feeling the lyrics to Children of the World – but the video for Hometown Hero is my favorite. You may not like this guy…but I do.
Disagree? Get yo’ own blog. lol.

Fly or Fall.


Today I helped a woman fill her tires. Nah, no innuendo between the lines there. Just at a local texaco station – a older black woman looked at the air machine then looked at me. So I obliged (after I was finished with my tires). Now this isn’t mind blowing in itself. But. When viewed in the light of the modern world as a whole [where men are women and vice versa] – its pretty amazing and self-affirming.

She basically said: “You are a man, you have a place in the world and I respect that and expect you to fill it. Rumble Young Man Rumble”

I may have adlibbed that last part.

lata. Fly or Fall.