Fly or Fall. Apache Edition.

If you’ve been to atlanta and been around the music scene – you might recognize this door and know it’s associated establishment: Apache Cafe. Apache cafe has been around for a min and is one of the premier underground hip hop spots in atlanta – this is aside from the bad hosts/shady characters/horrible events that may (at times) be held there. As a location – its somewhat of a pillar to the Atlanta music scene.

So last thursday (2/25/09) – Me and my producer friend B.T headed up to Apache where we decided to participate in a Beat battle. Man!! The scene is dope – no no…let me correct that – the Producers were dope! Everyone had a distinct sound and the dude who wonwas a beast! We got past the wild card round and then lost by one vote – (supposedly b/c our beat wasnt mastered – according to the deciding vote judge). Anyway – a couple lessons I learned:

1. Art in a Box [TRUTH]: While all art has to be practiced in private/individually – If it remains there it is Useless – ..Barack always says government is always best when practiced in the sunlight – same with Music – you need to find a outlet for your art where you can get realistic, unbiased feedback – and nope – Your boi’s/homegirls/sisters/cousins do not count.

2. What do you want to be? [FOCUS]: Hearing all the different music styles – made me realize you cant be a pro at all of em -you gotta pick one. Do I reallly want to be a battle producer – NO..I want to make songs – and I know now that for me to really be the best at it there’s certain steps I need to take to be able to reach a certain level of music production.

3. Are you Uncomfortable? [RISK]: Now a rule with all investing is: with greater risk you should expect – (you guessed it)  greater reward. However, while as a community we sometimes take too much risk (all our black men shouldnt be rappers, squandering or not taking advantage of our educational oppurtunites as a race) as individuals we often dont take the right kinds [educated or informed risk] or enough risk. Let me explain – You got certain goals/aspirations right? Well – how uncomfortable are you? How far out of your comfort zone are you willing to go to get the desired rewards? One of my favorite quotes from the HARDEST JOB I’VE EVER HAD: “Winners do what they dont want to do now – so they can do what they want to later” – and I know you’ve heard some type of derivation of that – but is it true in your life? Are you just cruising/enjoying life – or are you really grinding/putting yourself out there – Life is amazing and there’s a plethora of oppurtunities but there are alot of people running toward the same goal alot of times – so you should (to jack a phrase from the bible): “run in such a way as to win”.


Aight – well enough self-talk – Back 2 deez books.

Fly or Fall.


My Directorial Debut…

So today was busy as usual – class, IPPE rotations, and then Beat Making With Ben (BMWB) – made a track – ehh not sure how I feel about it – i’ll post it for you guys comments..

also..I still haven’t had a chance to drop KNOWLEDGE like I want..but I’ll find time ..somewhere..

So.. I had been checking out this blogger/video guru kid named maestro @ (dope) and I was really struck by how video brings something that just music doesn  this is one of the video’s I made- I dont know what it is about it  – but putting images with Music really is exciting and trying to find ways to express what your trying to convey with moving images is really fun… anyway enjoy..

My life ..I know I left it around here somewhere..

 Living? Errr..

So..This is where I spent my weekend; buried between handwritten notes about infectious endocarditis, osteomyelitis, macrolides, flouroquinolones and snack runs to the local Quiktrip. And yet – this weekend, oddly enough was a perfect example of God working things out for the good of those who love him..

I didnt do particularly well on the exam – but who did riiight? But I was in the best mood for the whole day – even got caught singing in public..craziness. Only thing missing was heel clicks.

Until the test results came back…lol..

B’Sides that – the most important part of my Weekend/Monday – was the music I ended up making – 6 hours with B.T my production partner and we cranked out one BANGER *Don Cannon voice* and started on one other one.. I’ll put up a quick clip hopefully by the end of the week – Definitely the highlight of my day – 

O yea – I’ve been peeping yall post btw (the competition) and I got my own Inspirational/Insightful/Ingenious/Ignomious thoughs although its not Included in this post. Realized I need like 12 more hours to every day and I could maybe stay ahead of the curve..anyway the day’s almost done – ON TO THE NEXT ONE- l8tr: