Where am I?

So here I am, 31 years old and thinking (which I do often). Not so much about the future..which is my usual realm of rumination. No, today, I decided to stew around and think about where I am (metaphorically) in my life as of today. Right now, I think I’m in a bit of a pit-stop of my life, with no real earth shattering goals that need to be completed in the next 3 months or pressing needs. I’m actually – for the moment – being still. My mother still doesn’t believe it.

And can I just say..it feels nice. Especially when I actually take the time to appreciate the fact that there are no fires to put out. Sooo while I’m here ..in a space of life where I’m not on the fast track, and am forced to practice patience while things line up for the next opportunity I thought it would be nice to take a look around at my life and take stock. Do a self-inventory. Investigate the state of my union ..with myself or something.

So this post is more for me than for you..as, actually this whole blog is.

So the easiest area to kind of take mental stock of ..is financially. So why wait! Lets jump right in..

1.Net Worth: 10,696.15

This number is actually super surprising to me. For most (I mean..all) of my adult life, my net worth has been in the negatives. This was a pleasant surprise and mostly due to some rise in the (perceived) property values. I generally hover around the negative and looks like I crossed into positive land on March 16, 2016. What a milestone. Only around 990,000 in order to make it into millionaire territory. Oh, why was it previously in the negative? Student loans silly. Stop playing.

2. Relationships

Relationships have traditionally been an area of weakness. Or just a consistent area of neglect. However, you like to look at it. The last couple years have seen me place an increased emphasis on making time for friends and cultivating new friendships with people I consider knowing. I think the change in priority has made itself apparent. I have a much more focused and rewarding group of friends. One of the biggest problems I have in this area is that one of my best friends is a ex. smh. So sometimes, I feel like that person asks a bit more than a regular friend might. Which, honestly, may be good for me..I can be a bit selfish.

3. Goals

I still have a healthy set of goals. And a 6 page 10 year plan. (Really exists.) But the nature of the goals I’ve set..or at least what I’m willing to do to chase those goals require a short period of time of focused patience while resources come to into alignment. Right now, one of my big projects (which may be over the initial hurdles) was the creation of a ebook and website [EscapingRetail] specifically for pharmacists. I find that many pharmacists get stuck in career ruts, often because of “golden handcuffs” or creating a lifestyle that doesn’t allow them the flexibility to pursue other options. Also, many of us move into the community setting and don’t have a strong idea of how to move from one setting to another. I originally had the idea to write a book that would pass on my experience in these areas. I finished the book in February and have since been building the website and working on creating content for the website. The content that is pending includes interviews with pharmacists who have successfully made the transition into other fields of practice. I’m both excited and wondering if I signed up for a much bigger project than I expected.

4. Career

Ah, Career. Right now, It’s a good spot, and Lord willing remains in a good spot for a while. I do want to step up my game and get board certified by the beginning of 2017 or late 2016 depending on how other goals move along. I see some changes coming down the pipeline at the institution where I currently practice. I think it would behoove me to make sure that I’m ahead of whatever changes will occur. So keep me honest huh? Remind me that I need to be BCPS by spring 2017! Thanks. No really, I appreciate it.

On the investing front – I’m currently paying off rehab loans and expenses incurred by my first deal. So I’m in a holding pattern as I just watch house prices rise. Loving watching certain areas of town blossom though.

So ..all in all. I’m feeling pretty good about where I am at the moment, although I’m nowhere near where I want to be. I really just thank God for his grace and my parents for their hard work. *points out into crowd* Here’s to better years ahead!