For my eyes only.

With this house, God has really made it clear that it was Him pulling the strings..just so there was no confusion that I could have made this happen on my own.

1. The correction in rate ..that happened randomly but also RIGHT on time after there was a last minute credit pull. This credit pull put me out of the range by like 0.09..but still would have resulted in a DENIAL on the loan for the house. The loans only increased by like 12 dollars a year. smh. Crazy coincidental right?

2. The literally the sellers agent said – NO, unfortunately they will not extend any further past the 30th. Fannie Mae sticks to those deadlines. Then they turned right around and granted the agent had already called me with the bad news, then turned around just a-puzzled. lol. I laughed b/c I knew who was in control.

3. The house coming on the market at the moment it did and me being able to put in under contract. The original email to my brother and sisters telling I feel like the house was mine, even though the next day it was put under contract by some other people. The 401k loan. The contractor (almost) fiasco ..which I document on groupie. lmao.

I’m just focused on a couple things going forward: 1. God’s will be done. 2. That I learn to follow him and leave the details to Him, trusting him to complete the things He placed in my heart. 3. That I prioritize Him over material things.