God is a poet.

God is poet.

“How do I figure?” you ask?

“Easy. Heartbreak.”

See, Love I get. Love makes sense. In order to get two people to commit to each other for a long period of time, love might be necessary. To get us to take a crazy risk that involves the rest of our time together on earth, love of course has to exist.

But heartbreak?

Heartbreak is the work of a poet extraordinaire. Heartbreak seems physical. Heartbreak waxes and wanes but stays close, ready to remind you of her presence in the universe like a overprotective older sister.

Heartbreak can push you into the darkness. Or it can motivate you to scratch and claw your way to a brighter tomorrow. Heartbreak is the ultimate chameleon. It might start out as anger, then morph into sadness, melancholy, regret, and finally (if your lucky)..acceptance.

Heartbreak demands patience. There is no rushing ahead of it. Not without repercussions. Heartbreak is a taskmaster. A sullen teacher that demands attention. If we’re smart pupils, we listen. We stop rushing around. We put ourselves first. We break out the first aid kit. and maybe some chocolate.

Heartbreak comes for us all at some point. We can either crumble under the weight of it, or use it. Accept it’s presence. It’s weight. The lessons it holds. Pushing against it daily, patiently, slowly, doing our best.

Imperceptibly, our muscles will grow. Our hearts will heal. And one day we’ll wake up, and find ourselves stronger than we were before.

God is a poet.