Oh Yea!

Today was a Amazing day.
I got the opportunity to present a scholarship to some pharmacy students today. A small scholarship – by no means a Bill/Melinda Gates scholarship but I think – a step in the right direction.
It really made me happy to think of the positive steps that God has kinda pushed me (and the Caucus) toward.

I also got the time to hang out with my brother – who is hands down one of the coolest people i know. And what a grinder! Makes me proud that he can outstudy me…at least at the moment. We went to borders after the scholarship presentation and grinded it out. He for his LSAT and me for the NAPLEX. Since his exam is next sunday and mine is in June – it was pretty apparent that his intensity overshadowed mine. lol.

Also got the chance to keep my side business going. Although I’m thinking that I may make a change in product lines 🙂 Still felt good to keep the grind alive. Ended the day with a great discussion with my brother about God’s role in our lives. All in all a absolutely wonderful day. Thanking God for the gift of life right now..