My life ..I know I left it around here somewhere..

 Living? Errr..

So..This is where I spent my weekend; buried between handwritten notes about infectious endocarditis, osteomyelitis, macrolides, flouroquinolones and snack runs to the local Quiktrip. And yet – this weekend, oddly enough was a perfect example of God working things out for the good of those who love him..

I didnt do particularly well on the exam – but who did riiight? But I was in the best mood for the whole day – even got caught singing in public..craziness. Only thing missing was heel clicks.

Until the test results came back…lol..

B’Sides that – the most important part of my Weekend/Monday – was the music I ended up making – 6 hours with B.T my production partner and we cranked out one BANGER *Don Cannon voice* and started on one other one.. I’ll put up a quick clip hopefully by the end of the week – Definitely the highlight of my day – 

O yea – I’ve been peeping yall post btw (the competition) and I got my own Inspirational/Insightful/Ingenious/Ignomious thoughs although its not Included in this post. Realized I need like 12 more hours to every day and I could maybe stay ahead of the curve..anyway the day’s almost done – ON TO THE NEXT ONE- l8tr: