Gotta learn to live with regrets…

So in a post not too long ago – I talked about the weight that physical stuff created mentally/spiritually; and I decided that I was going to find ways to lighten my load…recently I re-realized that not only do I have to be careful of the accumlation of stuff..but also about the accumulation of decisions. Huh? I’m glad you asked – let me explain: So, where are you? I mean right this second? In front of what type of computer? wearing what type of shoes, clothes? What images are in your brain? What sites online do you visit? What’s the title of the book closest to you? What are your thoughts on marriage, love, family??

WTFlubber does that have to do with your post O?

Well, all those minute, miniscule details are there for a reason. You. Your  (and perhaps your parents) decisions, whether thought out or not, led you to this exact moment. One day you were born and a certain amount of time and decision later – here you are reading this post, reaching for that book on the counter to read its title. Point is, while its easy to notice when we’ve overspent – (check the account balance, notice the Jordan boxes in the corner) – its alot harder to realize when the little decisions we’re making are clogging up our minds and hearts with unnecessary clutter (should i text her? Should I go over? Ill go hang out instead of hitting these books, etc) – These little, itsy-bitsy decisions are adding up- like snowflakes to  either form a beautiful christmas tableau or set you up for a avalanche of epic proportions. The trick is to NOTICE and PREDICT THE CONSEQUENCES before they occur and make changes that will stave off disaster and instead bring the Winter wonderland scene we all deep down want.

A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. – Proverbs 22:3
Fly or Fall.


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