“I Thank God..”

“I Thank God for everyday but I especially thank God for Friday” – Lady outside the Outpatient Clinic

Agreed. Man, today has been an absolutely wonderful day – Couple things that have made it amazing.

1. Working with the ill-advantaged – makes life gratefulness-inducing. Seeing and being able to help people who need help – is really fulfilling. Really makes this particular rotation a lot more fun than any of the other ones. Especially since it’s been coupled with insights from some books I’m reading – especially “playing hide and seek – a non-churchgoer’s guide to finding God”.

There but for the Grace of God, go I

2. Deciding to take this year off from the opposite sex has really has been a Godsend – being able to take time and not spend it or money on females – has allowed me time to note area’s of weakness and come up with ways to improve em: Krav magna, changing my own oil, time to study disease states, studying french.

3. One of the most important benefits is the time to READ. And not just for fun – there have already been books that have shifted the way I look at the world and one that I believe will change my life. Recomendations if your looking: Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

4. Family. Friends. Good People. I.e. Lauryn, Ashley, K.P., C.P. etc.

I’m excited about what else this year by myself holds – Hopefully more self-discovery.
Insha’allah. Lord Willing. Si Mon Dieu faire plaisir.

Fly or Fall. Give Back.


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