Wise words from a Decent Man..

“They are a bit younger than you and me, Jack. What they want most of all is, “How will I know God’s guidance? Who should I marry? What career? What should I do? Where should I live?” But God doesn’t guide us most of the time. He wants a relationship. So they want guidance to avoid the fearful thing of making a mistake. God says, “You may make mistakes, your witness to the world is not that you never made a mistake, it’s that I am with you. Lo, I am with you always. So sometimes I might send you a telegram about your next job or your next move or who to marry, but often I won’t.” You have to say, “What do I think God would have me do?” and then do it. All we know is He’s with us and with that we can look at the Goliaths and say, “He’s so big I can’t miss him,” and go take that sucker on.” – Bruce Larson


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