Just stumbled upon the wonderful realization that these are absolutely useless emotions.
I tend to be extremely hard upon myself = can be beneficial
But when I inevitably disappoint myself these feelings can morph into shame/regret/embarrassment = not a good look
This combo, like Tekken, can leave me feeling down and out. When I get into one of these ruts, I can spend hours going all Goku-super-saiyan on my self-confidence. Leaving myself emotionally bloody and bruised and unable to muster up the self-discipline and focus that I need to accomplish anything; All in all its a very easy entrance into a particularly nasty vicious cycle.

But there’s hope! *In TBN Preacher Voice*
Recently I had a conversation that helped me to stop looking at my past failures, mis-steps, and even
horribly FUBAR situations & experiences as indictments of my personhood.
Instead I was given a new word to describe my past: Colorful. #Noliberace

Am I the only person who smiles deep inside when I hear that word?

For some reason it turns my douche-baggery into fascinating backstory in the Okechukwu Chronicles.

Magically my past-irresponsibility is transformed into character-development tales.

Man..Gotta love Adjectives.


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