So lately a theme in my life these days – is the desire to feel deeply. Mostly these days I feel cooler than a polar bears toenail – Oh hell. #Bigboi
Anyway – Yea. I spent my whole youth – kinda making myself immune to the pain that being young, skinny, and girlfriend-less brought. Unfortunately as previously noted – sometimes I think I did too good a job. So these days I find myself seeking things that will allow me to feel. I was telling a friend of mine that it’s been a long time since I’ve met a woman who’d make me feel like if she left me she’d just devastate my life…I’m talking – if she left me i’d be walking around in sweats for weeks/ slow jams on 24h rotation/ Making me recite Teddy Riley lyrics while buying groceries/ Crying while driving on dark rainy nights…. LMAO..maybe that’s a lil extreme. [For the Man-record: I’ve never done any of the preceding] *hides the Brokenhearted mix-tape*
Nah. Really – I’m not saying I want to BE devastated – but to meet a woman who so enthralls me that she has that power would be pretty cool. Then again – I’m pretty sure I’m glad I [haven’t met her/allowed her in close enough] yet because I’m sure that would require some changes to my life and I’m not sure that I’m quite ready just yet. But that’s what I’m looking for when I do finally meet my wife-to-be.

Imagine 24 hours straight of New Edition & Babyface. smh. I’m definitely not ready.


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