Any other name..

So Fear is a slippery beast. Random huh? Backstory: This year I committed that I would do any and everything that scared me even the least bit. I figure this is one way to really tackle long-term weaknesses and get solidly out of my comfort zone. And so far (although we’re only like 24 days into the new year) I’ve succeeded. I’ve done things that I wouldn’t normally do and faced some pretty irrational fears. But I guess fear [real self-confidence crushing fear] is a beast able to adapt to hostile environments… There was something I was supposed to do. That I told myself I was going to do. I didn’t promise myself I was going to get it done – which made it easy for my fear to disguise itself. To clothe itself in plausible and frilly excuses. Excuses so pretty and convincing that I found myself cheering on fear as it sabotaged my future. smh. Thank God for people who love you and are willing to step in when your doing something silly. People who are willing to check you and make you check your motivations. I hope to be that type of friend to others. But for today I’ll thank God for their presence in my own life. Thanks Parents.


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