Link Up.

Today I had to be reminded of a fundamental truth. How did it happen?
How it usually does: A conversation. A connection. A revealing of a dream. A sharing of resources and ideas.

Today while working at my Clark Kent, I met another superhero posing as a regular joe. He told me about the hours he put into his art. The lack of sleep. The progression. Big ideas that have only been realized in the mind’s eye.

And honestly it’d been so loong since I’d got the chance to feed off the energy of other’s dreams that I’d forgotten how important it is to have someone who you can share your energy with. I’d been feeling beat up by life and [a lot] a little defeated. Felt a little Langston Hughes’d. Raisin in the sunnish.

But Thank God I bumped into someone whose been catching the same sun rays and has been able to wield his umbrella like Captain America to protect his dreams. I realized that I’d been focusing a little too much on the discipline part of my dreams..and not enough on the having fun part.

I need to find a balance. And I think that I will.

Thanks God.

Fly or fall.


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