What prayers are not:
1. Mumbled words that have no effect on the real world.
2. Repeated pretty poems
3. Useless.

Prayers are:
1. Wildly effective.
Recently I’ve seen a couple prayers that God has answered and it has really given me insight that prayers are not just me throwing words at my ceiling fan. Prayers, as I imagine them are like little hammer thrown by the Hammer Bro.’s in Super Mario. They kind of chip away at the obstacles blocking you from your long as its something that God has ordained for you.

Prayers are instrumental in my life, because more important than alerting God, that I want/need something..they really serve to reorient my heart and refocus me in the right direction and for the right reasons. This may be their most important function. Sometimes prayer is more of an exercise in getting you into the right posture..and less of a nudge to God reminding him that you could use some new Jordans.

2. Mind Blowing.
Its really dope when something you’ve been praying for ..comes into fruition. Through no real effort of your own. Makes you realize why being patient and having faith is really tough..because there really is no indication that your prayers are making it past the stucco ceiling, or if they’re all just piling up in the attic b/c they just ran out of energy halfway to heaven.


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