Out of the Zone.

So last Sunday, I had the opportunity to give a sermon at my mentor’s church.

The whole experience was interesting. At first I was nervous, then I was focused, and when I finished the speech of course I felt a mixture of pride and nostalgia.

“Nostalgia?” you say. Well, not necessarily nostalgia, but something along those lines.  I started to miss certain aspects that were involved in getting ready to deliver the speech.

And as I ruminated on why I felt this odd mixture of nostalgia,I realized that the speech was something that allowed me to push myself, something that allowed me to explore a new talent, something that demanded that I leave my comfort zone.

I’m comfortable in my comfort zone. I hate my comfort zone.

Outside of the “C-Zone”

1. Being totally focused. Because I knew that my name/reputation was on the line with this very public performance I knew that I had to give it top priority. So after work, I’d attack the speech, seeking ways to improve it or just spend time practicing it. I had about a week and a half to prepare so the deadline wasn’t soo far in the future that I couldn’t feel the slight panic that comes with high pressure situations – which I love.

2. Having a clear concrete goal. The goal was clear = deliver a compelling message within 25-35 minutes. Don’t bore people.

3. Being deeply interested by the subject matter. Being emotionally involved in what I was asked to speak about was essential, as it laid the groundwork for me to be able to speak intelligently on what I was asked to address.

These elements – seem like a recipe for a success that would be appealing to me. I think if I could just get myself to set some better goals – goals that tied in these elements I would be able to get Ooodles more done. (yea oodles.)

New Goal: Schedule

Fly or Fall

oh yea the sermon: “Granny Smith Apples”


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