“Had a drink and remembered I’m perfect, wish I could remember this when I’m sober.”

Texted that to a no response. lol. Its a pretty difficult text to respond to..and awkward. lol. But I meant in the best way possible. Let me explain.

So me and my sister have been on this self-improvement kick and really trying to focus on ways to make ourselves into the people we were created to be. Created I say – because we believe that there is a higher power who had a specific purpose(s) for us to complete, and certain tasks that we were created to be better for. One of the realizations that we came to was that oftentimes the worst critic we face is the one inside of us.

We both struggle with smothering that inner critic and realizing that although we may not believe in ourselves – there is something bigger than us that has given us everything that we need to accomplish what we have to. Its comforting and helps us to move forward with boldness. Image


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