My 2014 starts now:


Well..hello there sexy.

Fancy seeing you here..almost 19 days into the new year. Getting a late start on your year as well? I understand..nope, no judgement here, strictly a judgement free zone.


I’ve had a hard time getting my mojo going and marshaling my willpower to get the goal/resolution train going. Finally got a jolt of inspiration and focus after church this morning and realized better late than never. So here I am, getting ready to get to listing resolutions, decisions, and other life-changing thoughts. Like a boss. Or at least a mid-level executive. Because to be fair..I haven’t [really]  posted since June 23, 2013..almost 7 months ago. Wanna fight about it?

Since then, a lot has changed.

1. Graduated residency [Yay.]

2. Got a dream job in Atlanta [Double Yay]

3. Moved back in with the parents [No yay] ..although the house is in my name [0.5 yay’s]

4. Decided to do something called daily’s: Daily Works of art on off days, as well as focusing on setting up the groundwork in order to start my grown up company.

So I’ve decided to use this blog..which lately has fallen into dis-use – as a kind of live journal to keep track of my progress. Which will be updated at least monthly.

So Now for your viewing pleasure..I’m getting ready to unveil my 2014 Resolutions/Goals! Brace Yourself.

1. Pay off a 22k Student Loan

In order to accomplish this goal I’ve done the pretty simple math: This breaks down into making twice monthly payments of $560 to the good people at Holders of My Student Loan who have me in Indentured Servitude. So I’ll be free of these dastardly people’s hold on me by the end of 2014! [Triple Yay!]

2. Continue the practice of Creating/Learning Daily.

This practice is basically my way to water my dreams. After about 29 years of life ..I’ve realized all the easy wins are behind me. From this point on, there are only victories that are snatched from the jaws of laziness. Victories that I’ve had to scheme and hustle for. Issues subdued only after wrestling into the morning with them, and growth that comes as a result of consistent deposits of time.

I’ll monitor the monthly self-investment deposits I make and keep track of it on this blog.

So hours spent studying/researching for my business, Actual creative pieces made, and hours spent studying foreign languages will be tallied.

I hope to increase this number week by week and come up with ways to become more productive throughout 2014.

3. Travel: Internationally (and Domestically)

I haven’t really traveled anywhere by myself ..all the way by myself..and I think this year is the year to do it.

I’ll likely start small and just aim for the Dominican republic this summer. Which actually means I need to start planning soon..

Timeline: Jan 31 – Decide on Dates; Feb 15 – Put in PTO; Feb 30 – Have Bought Tickets ; March 15 – Research things to do ; Date arrives = Enjoy!

I also want to go see my sister in California and spend a good period of time out there connecting with friends.

4. Grow My relationship with God & People

Be more honest with my imperfections and relationship. Let people in.

Be not Afraid. Be Brave.

Monthly I’ll try to do one thing that scares the living day lights out of me..which because I actually have a lot of irrational paranoia’s and unsubstantiated fears may span from initiating awkward social situations to attending martial arts classes.

So there you have it.  My plan to conquer the world..or just myself.

Here’s to our success in 2014. May we be better daily.

Fly or fall.



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