Reshuffling Goals

PrioritySo. Life has been happening and things have made themselves known. Most notably my weaknesses. Now I know that the usual advice is to strengthen your strengths and delegate or find someone/something to buffer your weaknesses. Usually I think I would follow this advice but I think there are some foundational aspects of my life that I need to get in order. This of course spawns some new goals..and also moves some previous goals to the bottom of the list.

1. ¬†Integrate my life. There was a sermon by Andy Stanley – that talked about becoming wise. ( And in it he talked about how when we’re (men) weak at something or fail at it, we have a hard time looking for help or even moving towards that area of inadequacy. There is a huge issue in my life that continually reminds me of my inadequacy in handling it. So this year I want to focus on that area..recognizing that my emotions will be mostly negative and painful, but also recognizing that the things I most like to spend time on now..are things that I’m good at and that I became good at those things via time spent on it.

2. Learn French and Igbo – enough to have a conversation by the end of the year. So this year I am really focused on learning and accepting myself. My nigerian heritage is becoming more and more important to me the older I get. However, speaking igbo (my tribes language) has been an area that is usually met with some feelings of defeat – b/c my pronunciation usually leads to laughter – which makes me feel ashamed/like a failure..which leads to decreased efforts. But I’m going to use this realization that in order to get good at these things I’m going to have to expect failure and maybe ridicule ..but I can’t let anyone steal these things that I want from me. Fuk em. Its my life and the time for letting other people dictate my growth is over.

The addition and prioritizing of these goals may mean some of my older goals get pushed back..namely the BCPS exam, which is fine with me lol.

So here’s to 2014. FOF.



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