Comparison Trap

By all objective measures, I had a great day today.

Woke up at 5 Am to work out with a friend. Grabbed a chai latte after the workout.

Had the day off of work. Talked to my girlfriend before she headed to work.

Went to an orthodontic appointment and got my retainer tightened.

And yet somehow I ended up at the end of the day a bit irritated and perhaps ungrateful.


How did I get there?

I found myself in the company of a friend who has had one of those amazing lives. Someone who has followed their heart and dreams and had to create a life and meaning without the support of the pre-specified narratives that the world gives you.

She’s had to carve out a life even with Family calling her crazy & Friends being unsure of whether her path made any sense. As a result of these bets, she’s been able to create a life that is unheard of – a life that is rare.

She really highlights one of my only regrets/failings. I find that as someone who has followed the rules, and excelled at the “traditional” pathway for life and career – there is a part of me that wonders what lies on the path of higher risk. I’m wondering how I can take bigger risks and keep growing. I’m wondering what I need to do today to ensure that I have more options, more happiness, and bigger rewards.

I’m going to work on choosing happiness 1st and being grateful for the gifts I do enjoy. Then get clearer about what risks/options are available for me to take and get after them!

I know I’m easily frustrated by stagnation.

I gotta grow.



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