Being Seen

I’m an introvert. 

This usually means that I prefer to stay out of the spotlight. When I hear about solitary confinement, I don’t always think of it as a punishment. 

This is a problem, because, I think, I want to do great things. And I want to be admired for them. (tough writing that last sentence, but its true, who doesn’t?)

I want to inspire others and be inspired to do even greater things. 

This will be require that I be seen. Sometimes judged, and sometimes fail in the full view of others. 

I think building integrity and bravery around all the things in my life, not just the things I’m proud of, will lead to much more authenticity and a life that is more cohesive. 

Fly or Fall, 


Strive. And often Fail. But it’s ok. Just be yourself. 

One thought on “Being Seen

  1. I Can Relate!!!!

    One of my biggest recurring daydreams is of having solitary confinement with at least one form of expression, i.e. a notebook, a musical instrument that I can play reasonably well… a canvas and some paint… You get it. The reason I often wish for that solitude is because as a business owner, a husband, a father, a son, a son-in-law, a brother, a cousin (no shade thrown) it’s increasingly difficult to find uninterrupted time for metacognition. As it is, I get the gym, driving and the shower and my prayer/meditation time. All of that is good, but I just wish I could be there more because all the value I bring during the time I spend helping/serving others is born in my solitude. However, if I’m by myself, I have no one to serve. I say all this to say life has both micro and macro seasonal shifts. The trick is rejoicing in all the seasons without begrudging the shifts. I’m still working that out in me, but one thing that has helped in my perspective is that I’ve noticed that the more I focus on serving more people, the more context I have when I am alone. In other words, my beloved alone time is actually enriched by getting in front of more people…. even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time.

    Great post!!

    God bless you!!

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