Small Commitments.

How small is too small to matter?

Is a small pebble in a pond big enough to cause waves miles away?

I’ve been pondering what I can do to make changes that will show up in my life. There are a couple different areas where I feel like if I could just get over a mental hump that it would significantly change both my and my family’s lives.

One of the ways that I’m going to try to make this happen is to pick the smallest commitment that I can in order to build the muscle that hopefully will help me lift these areas of my character to a level that will impact my life for the better.

So what is my small commitment this week.

I’m going to try to write everyday this week – about what I’m not certain but everyday – I’m going to try to create something. No matter how bad or good the goal this week is just to produce something that will exist that didn’t before.

So that preamble aside – I did have a quick note that I hope to convey before my energy levels plummet.

And A Fortuitous Event.

Today I had a interesting occurence that spoke to me about the providence of God.

I was struggling with an issue of faith today (As I perennially do).

This month for some reason the bills have been coming hot and heavy. And our checking account has taken the repeated blows with a stiff upper lip although I could feel my concern growing with each new unexpected negative cashflow event.

As a result there was some waffling going on in the back of my mind about whether I should honor my spiritual discipline of trusting God and honoring Him through my tithe.

After some mental gymnastics and listening to a well-timed sermon by Andy Stanley – I finally followed through on my spiritual commitment and gave my tithe to the local church that I support.

A couple hours later my wife texted me asking me to come and see her on her floor of the hospital. I braced myself for some potentially bad news as this wasn’t a normal communique from her.

After settling ourselves on a bench that overlooked the parking lot of the hospital I waited for the unfortunate news.

Photo by Mizzu Cho on

Which never came.

My wife proceeded to tell me that the pending job offer had come through and that counter offer for her salary increase had been accepted. This was good news and I breathed a sigh of relief. What was even better news came right after – the recruiter had forgotten to inform her that there was a $5k bonus that would be awarded periodically throughout her first year at the new position.

This news floored me and reminded me that I wasn’t the final arbiter of whether my family was cared for. God is actually intimately involved in the things that concern me and that I didn’t have to bear the burden of that by myself.

I’m glad I get the opportunity to be in relationship with a God like that.

Wishing you your own fortuitous events.

Fly or Fall.


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