Adulting in Overdrive

Whew. I thought being single was hard but nothing seems to be quite as hard as being married and raising children.

The days are always too short, money seems to be shorter, and there are so many competing priorities.

It’s difficult.

I had originally thought I was going to post something positive and uplifting but that doesn’t seem to be the vibe for tonight. There is soo much prayer and personal growth required in order to try to meet all the different demands and I can’t’ help but wonder if I’m doing something wrong.

Am I trying to do and be too much? Am I being too accommodating?

Father what needs to change?

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Some of my goals for the next year:

  • Pay off Wedding Debt
  • Complete 24 week boot camp or start it at Ga-Tech for Data analysis
  • Pick one big project at work and finish it
  • Figure out how to woo my wife
  • Make more money! Figure out how to bring in an extra 8 hours per week of income
  • Have a pathway to max out 401k in 2023-2024
  • Save up 15k Emergency Fund

My Prayer:

Lord be with me and replenish my strength as I try to figure out how to be leader of this family.

I know that you have a plan for me and are working out the weaknesses and failures of my past. Lord help me to lean into the work and the “lil bit of straightenin” that you are in the process of completing in me.

Give me strength and help me to lean into your strength.

Fly or Fall.



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