5 Things Your Thankful for..

So..listening to a random podcast about setting goals..and One of the things that I picked up that I thought was cool was that people who write down 5 things that their thankful everyday – keeping a thanksgiving journal so to speak – were more motivated and stuck to their goals at a higher average. So I started – The things your thankful for don’t have to be anything super deep and can be as shallow as your car, hair, etc. If nothing else – It helps to see how blessed we are..


One thought on “5 Things Your Thankful for..

  1. 1. Okenna
    2. Nkynky
    3. Obinna
    4. Moms
    5. Papa O.
    i absolutely love you Okenna. you are THE GLUE to the collage that is the Oparah children!

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