Vive La Vegas…

Ahh, Vegas! Bittersweet town of the desert.

Just got back from Vegas – and it was GREAT. It was a lot of fun – not “Hangover” level or anything but definitely a great respite from the humdrum of school. Learned alot about my self and found some area’s of improvement. OH YEA! I was in a gambling mood so I Made a bet – If I DONT have Elevator Music out by April 15th then I owe Chris (kp) $50. Which is a lot of money to spend for something I was supposed to have done 2 years ago. Although I’m supposed to get up with a songwriter this weekend. *sigh* i’m overextending myself and not sure if I’m moving forward or just running in circle. Although running in circles is sometimes fun -Time is short –  and there’s no time to waste. I also need to post some of the video/audio with the beats we’ve been making.

Did learn/Re-realized some things: 1. I need to jump back on my budget 2. I need to stop overthinking stuff – Fortune favors the bold according to an highway ad in Vegas. 3. Sacrificing what you believe in never works 4. The lies we tell ourselves are the most convincing ones. 5. Keep being me.

P.s. Below is a beat that I made as an ode to the vegas vacaction aftermath.

Bittersweet Kisses [delilah]


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