“Je arreter revant ces jours”

“I no longer dream these days” – Sad words from a recent friend…recently I was talking with a friend [in french] about life when she dropped these beautiful, melancholy words on me. I was shocked, hurt, and scared. I jumped up and yelled via cyberspace about how she should never give up on her dreams. I told her that it was never too late, that dreams deferred become like stones in moccasins, that she should hold tight to her dreams with all the ferocity she could muster, blah blah blah. Looking back at the conversation, I realized I was really passionate, but also a little bit afraid. Why? Because recently I’d been feeling and pondering the same things. I wondered if I had outgrown my dreams, if my dreams were still attainable, and if I should just junk em, and hit the blackboard again with a brand new piece of chalk. In retrospect my passion and vehemence was born of my own fear, and in convincing her, I was really persuading myself.

After realizing that I started to wonder ..what is the point of me holding on so tightly to my dreams? Whats the real benefit? Shouldn’t I just accept a life where I’ll make more than enough money, help people, and raise my family??? Shouldn’t that be enough? Aren’t I just being greedy?

Then I read this:
The easiest thing in the world is to settle — to accept work that we don’t hate too much, to find a mate with whom we have little in common except proximity and a shared sense of desperation, to close our eyes to the dangerous path of dreams and desires and tell ourselves that real people never do the things we yearn for anyway. If your community shares your dreams and ambitions and members within it have already done what you hope to do, it becomes easier to hold out. To hang on. To keep believing.

Keep Dreaming. Fly Or Fall


One thought on ““Je arreter revant ces jours”

  1. i Love children. whatever they can conceive, they’ll automatically deem it not only possible, but likely. between the ages of 14-22 i spent a lot of time mentoring children from ages 5-12, and that’s one thing i learned about them. it’s beautiful, really. they see life as super simplistic… but as we grow up, it seems the beauty and possibility of life is destroyed and our adulthood kills us. a life of worry, stress, “seriousness”, monotony and dissatisfaction. just plain unhappiness.

    i understand why Jesus Loved children. they get it. and they have complete and perfect faith until some adult comes and gives the “reality-check” with all the thinking and rationale. at that moment the child begins to die inside. i don’t want that for my life. i want to be happy like a child, no matter what life deals me. i think it was the child-like perspective of Michael Jackson that allowed him to do the things he did, and Love so hard.

    we can snuff our creative spirit, our faith, our Love and compassion for one another with all the mind-idolatry adults engage in. it’s funny, scriptures say “lean not on your own understanding”… and things like “you know not of my plans for you” …yet we believe-not, and shrivel up in the world.

    my aunt used to say “Lord I believe, please help my unbelief” …keep believing my nigga.

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