Do I really need more stuff?

So.. This is a blog by a Harvard educated lawyer. This Harvard educated lawyer – did life as we all think we want it. Got a job at a high-powered corporation, made beaucoup money, got the super-nice house, the fancy suits, had the most beautiful women on his arm, the whole she-bangaroo [yea i said it].

But.. He decided/found/discovered that all this stuff/alcohol/fun(??) was not really fulfilling – so he quit the job, paid off the consumer debt and saved up enough money to live off the interest of what he saved. Now, he chases simplicity, peace, and what really makes him happy inside. Of course – its easy to write off his story as the exception [which it is] but …but..isn’t there a lesson here. Or maybe its just a lesson for me. Sometimes when I look at all the STUFF I have – I feel tethered. Tied down. Mentally burdened. And dont get it confused – I don’t have much – I’m still a broke college student. But I think I have much more than 90% of the world: A car, A computer (2), clothes, shoes, AND boxes of books.

So I decided: I’m going to look for ways to simplify my life, maybe not with the whole sell all my possessions schtick but by decreasing the ties that bind me to my stuff. I think giving money/stuff away is the best way to accomplish – So stay tuned as I try to pare down my life or at least not get fooled into thinking more = happier.

The less weight your carrying – the higher you can go.

Fly or Fall.


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