Distractions that Focus.

Cool title huh? Well it has absolutely nothing to do with this post…well almost nothing.
Speaking of focus; it is the one thing that I haven’t be able to do. Then again it hasn’t really been on the top of my priority list ..although it should be.
Why you ask? Because I have the last big test I have to take coming up in about a month or so. So I need to buckle down and really jump into the books. I know that I’ll settle down and really tackle the books as soon as I get on the road to New York.
Oh..you didn’t know I was going to New York huh?
Let me bring you up to speed.
So..I’ve graduated. *Confetti flutters* which is cool. Mainly because now I can really get on my path to my ‘destiny’. *cues the heroes theme music*. Nah, really. I’ve always felt like my life has a purpose. I know I’m not the only one .. *looks to the audience for support*.
So now is my chance.
My big break.
My first freeee uninterrupted time where my afternoons are my own. Where my passions either get disciplined and grow everyday ..or they die. Leaving me with just my plan B. Corporate America. A life spent accumulating loads of money. Soulless hours spent plotting on how to make millions.
I’m in an interesting position. I feel a little like a passenger watching God drive. I’m interested to know what he has planned. I feel like my main job at this junction in life is to avoid distractions, focus on his will, and take every opportunity to grow as a human being. That and work really hard.
So ..things worked out where I get the chance to travel to New York for 3 weeks [everything paid for] and work. So I’m trying to prepare and get everything in order. [And by prepare I mean do absolutely related to preparation, then try to squeeze all my preparations into my last 2 days before traveling]. Typical Nigerian.
Anyway..back to the present.
Also.. Buried in my heart is a mustard seed that is growing with each moment spent with a certain young lady. We’ll see what it grows into.
This post has been random..and scattered..and unfocused..but I guess its cool..been away for a min.
Here’s to being Distracted!

Fly or …Cheers!


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