“I would hate to be an almost n**ga
I call ya’ll that, ’cause you gossip like y’all almost b***hes
You know, went to school with Jay, and was almost Jigga
Or hooped against LeBron and would almost get ‘im
Y’all n**gas make me realize how good almost isn’t
Would hate to look back on my life and say “I almost did it
F*ck that”
-Big Sean – “What Goes Around”

"Horseshoes and Hand-grenades, George, Horseshoes and pay up"

Almost…. one word that sums up the biggest fear of my life.
To be almost a millionaire. To almost be great. To almost win the heart of the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. To almost have led an amazing life. To almost have enough to Jet set to the south of France on Vacay. “Almost”..A vicious tease. A beautiful stripper with a “no touch” policy. A walk through the mall with no wallet. Your high school girlfriend?

I’m away from home at the moment. In a land where all I have is my work, my dreams, and the will to win. Its good, and it helps me to realize that as soon as I get back home I need to get my own apartment. I don’t know how it works for other people but when I’m at my parents house – I just don’t have the same drive. And there’s just not enough time for me to waste on Netflix or tired because Mom’s cooked enough pancakes to feed the Russian FlapJack Brigade and the ‘itis’ has hit me. I need to spend a large majority of the next year in GRIND MODE. Which is what I would prefer.

I want to be a high performer. I want to accomplish more. I want to Jump Higher, Run Further, Work and Play Harder.
I want to whisper in the ear of my dreams. I want to slip my hand up life’s skirt and dirty dance until I look up and Death asks for my hand on the dance floor.

Almost Fly = Fall.


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