A couple of months ago, I was at a Hibachi place with some of my fellow graduates. We were all enjoying ourselves..Flush with excitement and bubbly with the enjoyment of each others company. I think we were just a couple hours from the end of our last class before graduation. This particular Hibachi dinner was especially exciting, the Chef was amazing..he threw rice balls for us to catch with our mouths no homo and the each bite of teriyaki shrimp fried chicken marsala egg rolls was made sweeter by the fact that we were close to the end of a four-year goal. Right before we adjourned and headed back to class, we all decided to get our fortune cookies. Everyone opened their cookies and most of us were pleasantly surprised by deep chinese philosophical insights like:
“Your life will be better if you open your heart”
“Your true love may have died in a freak car accident when he was 12”
“Today, smell both the roses..and the fertilizer”
and my personal favorite: “Your lucky numbers are: 05 68 12”
However, when I opened my fortune cookie and glanced down ..I literally felt my heart drop. My fortune went a lil like: “Okenna, Don’t be satisfied with the easier route”. I swore it had my middle name in there as well. Anyway – i felt a little convicted. I had recently made a career choice that pushed me in the direction of work that was much less intellectually stimulating/demanding but paid a very decent wage. And I could not for the life of me figure out why I failed to pursue an opportunity that had been put in front of me.

This is some bull$hi*

Anyway, after that letter from God in the heart of a fortune cookie, I realized that I have to make sure that I don’t continue to cheat myself. I need to push myself always. I can’t let opportunities slip by just because they make me uncomfortable. So being me, I made a list of the hardest things for me to do at the moment that would make me uncomfortable. I’m going to try to re-write this list every 2-3 days, and do one HARD thing everyday.
My HARD things aren’t necessarily all career related ..some of them are just working on being honest with my emotions toward certain people. Or not holding my tongue and Making time for a conversation that should have happened. Emailing past business acquaintances that I’ve let slip. Creating space between me and people who aren’t adding to my life. smh.
Its Hard. And I’m sure Ima fail more than I succeed but I’m looking forward to the movement that this will create in my life.
..Here’s to the Harder things in life worth fighting for.

Fly or Fall.


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