I’m at a Starbucks. 20 minutes ago, It was blazing hot outside. Muggy too. If you stood outside for 2 minutes you’d look like you were doing yard work in inappropriate clothes. 10 minutes ago, I noticed the suspicious clouds approaching from the west. 5 minutes ago, the smaller trees converted to Islam..they started bowing east. 2 minutes ago potential energy changed to kinetic, the raindrops got too heavy for updrafts to keep them sequestered in the heavens. Now I’m in the middle of a beautiful storm. I watch the people leaving Olive Garden try to brave the storm. They were rewarded with umbrella’s that turned in their pink slips. Ambulances and Firetrucks speed toward the heart of the storm. The World is capricious and much mightier than I am.

Listening to Hillsong United: Aftermath
“But I know – that your with me and I know – your love will light the way.”


Fly or Fall.

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