On Running.

2013-01-11 18.47.38So, I was running.  On a paved sidewalk.  And I fell. “How?”  you ask. I think someone pushed me. (Nobody pushed me.) Or there was a broken piece of pavement (The pavement was newly paved). Or my shoes were untied. (They were newly tied and tight as a second skin).

One in a million chance I might have not been paying attention. [I definitely was not paying attention]

For some reason, I’m the type that believes that everything happens for a reason. And I’m always looking for the moral to the story. Anyway, as I bled from my hands on the way back home,  I got to thinking what I could learn from this.

1. Running is for suckas

2. “if you going to do it n***a do it.” – Andre 3000 – If i’m going to run (or do anything) Do it wholeheartedly, don’t drag your feet or half-a$$ it. I think I was tired and so I wasn’t lifting my knees like I should have.

3. If your pushing yourself, you might get hurt. Keep running.

4. You can’t worry about the 7 million witnesses [in their air conditioned cars, who are stopped at the red light] to your embarrassment, just clean yourself off and get back to running. Eventually that red light will change and there will be a new batch of cars who only see you “running round and gettin’ it”.

5. Life happens. Protect ya neck. Or at least the Ipod touch with an appropriate insurance policy. Or otter box.

6. Use your pain. For a blog post. For a personality change. To create a new habit. To stop a bad one. Don’t let your pain go to waste.

7. Don’t sleep. Don’t get lazy. Sometimes the pavement can trick you into thinking its safe because its more civilized. Its not. Sidewalks are dangerous. Love is dangerous. Pushing yourself is dangerous. On the unpaved road your more aware of the danger that is inherent in life.

Run, Fly, [and sometimes]/or Fall.



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